How Much Is The Price Of an Infographic Video?

Motion Graphic VideoWhile you are excited to use infographic videos in your business, you must be on the hunt for a suitable guide to figure out infographic video pricing. This article will act as your go-to guide to understand the pricing of infographic videos and what kind of videos you can produce. Read on to find out what exactly is ‘How Much is the Price of an Infographic Video’ all about.

Advids suggests, a 60-second infographic video price to be between $1,000–$5,000. The pricing of a infographic video depends on style & scope of the video production service. At Advids, infographic video price starts at $1,000 and we proudly boast to being the only money back guarantee outfit out there.

Meanwhile let us have a look at these 20 awesome Infographic Video examples :

IBM Cloud Security Infographic Video

Cloud security from IBM enables your business to innovate, improve defenses and improve risk. Enterprise cloud adoption requires a structured approach to security. Cloud data security is a top priority, whether your cloud is on-premises, off-premises or a hybrid. IBM’s infographic video demonstrates how cloud security can be managed at a whole new level.

Asterisk Infographic Video

Asterisk is a enterprise travel risk management solution that provides clients with the knowledge and experience to manage and respond to the risks of international business travel, from preventative travel risk intelligence to traveler tracking to 24/7 medical and security response. Asterisk’s infographic video creatively depicts how the platform can help you proactively manage travel risk.

Spring Infographic Video

Spring Mobile Solutions is a leading provider of customizable mobile solutions for CPG companies. Spring helps companies across the globe optimize business processes, increase real-time productivity and improve customer interactions to maximize ROI. Spring’s infographic video highlights how their custom mobile apps solution helps businesses streamline processes.

Smoothwall UTM Infographic Video

Smoothwall is one of the World’s leading providers of web content security and monitoring tools. The web content monitoring solution allows total control over all aspects of online activity including alerts and granular administrative control. It offers real-time content awareness and instant analysis of all web-based content on every single machine connected to the network. Smoothwall’s infographic video shows how the UTM solution can help you take control of configuration and general administration.

RICOH Infographic Video

RICOH’s Pharmacy Order Management Solution is an automated solution to streamline medication ordering in acute care facilities. The solution integrates with existing hospital workflows to give doctors, nurses, and pharmacists more control over medication ordering and tracking processes. RICOH’s infographic video details how users of the solution can can dispense medicine faster, help drive down healthcare costs, and enhance patient care in acute care facilities.

Resulticks Infographic Video

Resulticks is a true Omnichannel marketing automation platform, created by marketers for marketers. With unstructured and structured data behaviour based targeting for marketing campaigns is now possible. Resultick’s infographic video shows how the platform connects data to drive results using automation.

TCS Digital Auto Infographic Video

As more and more customers go digital, TCS provides an omni channel marketing solution for Dealership Management enabling one place to manage entire customer lifecycle. This infographic video showcases the possibilities and how the solution provided by TCS can benefit auto dealerships.


TCS’ Enterprise security and Risk management (ESRM) is a dedicated service line, well-positioned to provide best in class, domain-integrated security solutions aligned with customers’ business objectives. The infographic video shows how TCS’s ESRM can proactively protect critical information against emerging threats.

IBM ICDES Infographic Video

IBM Cloud Data Encryption Services (ICDES) data protection goes well beyond traditional security products to safeguard data even when network protection fails. ICDES uses the unique combination of random cryptographic-splitting and data encryption to create an easy-to-use, FIPS 140-2 certified solution. The infographic video uses stunning animations and introduces the benefits of software driven data center security.


Skyhigh delivers a control point for cloud services, enabling enterprises to gain visibility into cloud usage and risks, meet compliance requirements, enforce data security policies and protect against threats. Skyhigh’s infographic video shows how Skyhigh can help enterprises secure their data on mobile and cloud.

MediaScounting Broadcast Infographic Video

MediaScouting Broadcast is a versatile and powerful audio/video stream management and retrieval environment including cutting edge technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), subject based categories with advanced keyword search and metadata parsing from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). MediaScouting Broadcast’s infographic video incorporates powerful narration and business marketing tools that makes the video stand out.

SERTICA Infographic Video

SERTICA is a fleet management software for maintenance, procurement, HSQE and performance. It provides an overview of the entire fleet and secures a stable communication and data management between the main office and the vessels. It secures a stable communication and data management between the main office and the vessels. When utilizing the synergy in SERTICA, the result is cost optimization, reduction of manual processes, seamless communications and decreased off-hire. Sertica’s infographic video shows how it’s centralised administration of data makes it easier and more efficient to keep track of the fleet.

API Healthcare Infographic Video

API Healthcare is a GE Healthcare company that offers healthcare workforce management software.The company is best known for providing technology to the healthcare industry. API Healthcare offers integrated workforce management technology to the healthcare industry, providing solutions for both health systems and staffing agencies. It offers its solutions to monitor and control labor costs, address staffing challenges, automate time and attendance, track and manage human resource data, and manage temp staffing on demand. API Healthcare’s infographic video shows how API is a reliable platform for healthcare workforce management.


Stitch is an inventory management software that automatically syncs inventory, orders, and data across multiple sales channels, suppliers, and fulfillment locations, providing you with a holistic view and control of your business to cost-effectively increase efficiencies and scale your operations more intelligently. By integrating with sales channels like WooCommerce, Stitch allows business owners to save time on order and inventory management, and focus more on strategy. Stitch Labs has been creating software that simplifies commerce, decisions, and life for retailers and wholesalers. Their infographic video shows how Stitch Labs solution can streamline inventory, orders and data across multiple channels aiding in intelligent scaling of your business.

Distribion Infographic Video

Distribion offers multi-channel marketing automation to large brands in regulated industries that streamlines marketing efficiencies. With a distributed marketing platform it enables management of every aspect of marketing cycle. Distribion’s infographic video highlights the hurdles faced by a large business and how marketing automation software can solve the problem.

AdTactics Infographic video

AdTactics Marketing offers integrated Online Marketing Solutions.They not only provide a comprehensive range of result-oriented Marketing & E-commerce solutions but also offer data analysis and marketing consulting service with storing and professional research team. Their infographic video gives you an idea of how you can increase the online advertisement performances and boost your ROI with AdTactics solutions.


E Com Security Solutions’ provide Compliance, Application & Infrastructure security assessment & penetration testing solutions through the cloud, managed security services and software that enable actionable intelligence to prevent, detect, predict cyber-attacks and context needed to manage security risks. E Com’s infographic video highlights how application security is vulnerable and E Com Security Solutions can help.

VendorINSIGHT Infographic Video

VendorINSIGHT is a vendor risk management software solution designed for financial institutions, regional/community banks and credit unions who demand the best vendor risk management tools, features, and automation for their vendor management process. Their solution is differentiated by its ease-of-use, advanced features, extraordinary customer service, and automated vendor monitoring solutions. Their customers include multinational and large financial institutions, regional and community banks and credit unions, Fortune 500 companies, and other companies in regulated and nonregulated industries. VendorINSIGHT’s infographic video shows how VendorINSIGHT achieves complete compliance with the latest regulatory guidance and ensures positive examination results.

Softweb Solutions Infographic Video

Softweb Solutions is one of the fastest growing software development, mobile application development and IT consulting companies. Softweb Solutions creates experiences that solve enterprises’ most complex business challenges and real issues. They work with startups as well as large enterprises on emerging tech-trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and Enterprise Mobility.Softweb’s infographic video will equip you with solutions that will help you stay ahead of your competitions.

Transition Technologies PLM Infographic Video

Transition Technologies PLM software offers comprehensive capabilities to help manufacturers with all phases of the product development lifecycle. Helps manage complex, cross-functional processes, coordinating the efforts of distributed teams to consistently and efficiently develop the best possible product. Transition’s infographic video shows how their software can help you develop products that are competitive, cost-effective, and high quality.

Now that you have gone through how much is the price of a infographic video, let us take a lot at what a video production package includes to justify these infographic video quotations.

  • Script : The first step of a great infographic video is a great script. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of story for your video! While you can write your own rough script, make sure your video team can refine it into the narrative and visuals effectively.
  • Voice over – Your voice over must support the overall tone of your video and also gel with your target audience. With the right voice over, which is customized to meet your needs, you have a winner!
  • Style – The script needs to be visualized with what would be the theme, colors, match your branding if any. Look for variations in visual style to make your video unique
  • Storyboard – A simple yet powerful way of seeing how the video would flow, scene breakups etc.
  • Animation – The first draft of animation ties together voice over, storyboard and music effects. Suggest recommendations to make the video refined or look for elements that can be highlighted better.
  • Video release – Request for HD video in any format you need. Also available would be the raw files for future reference if needed, now it’s time to put the video into use.

But the truth of the matter is, only googling to find what the price of a infographic video is won’t solve all your problems. There are many factors to consider. While price is a major factor, one cannot overlook business understanding, the video production methodology, ease of working with an experienced video team etc. We at Advids suggest making a wise choice while gauging the amount of money you spend against the output quality.

We look forward to hear your thoughts on “How much is the price of a infographic video” article. Do read our upcoming article about How To Budget For Your Infographic Video?

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