How Much Does An Overview Video Cost?

Motion Graphic VideoWant to use overview videos for your business and don’t know where to start? Need to know the basics of overview video production and overview video cost? This blog post will lead you to your answers! Here is a complete tutorial about how one can produce overview videos, a list of awesome overview video examples and a rough idea about how much overview videos cost.

Advids suggests, a 60-second overview video cost is between $1,000–$5,000. The overview video cost depends on style & scope of video production service. At Advids overview video cost starts at $1,000 and is the only 100% money back guarantee overview video service available.

Now have a look at these 20 awesome Overview Video examples :

Beyer Management Overview Video

Beyer Management Consulting helps teams and organizations grow through development and application of leadership abilities. With expertise in leadership management, they help clients achieve results with their unique services. Beyer’s overview video gives an insight into the company.


Enterprise cloud is a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) by NTT communication offering efficient management and unified control of both Enterprise Cloud and third-party cloud provider solutions. Enterprise Cloud’s overview video highlights how the platform can simmer down the inconvenience of cloud management within a single dashboard.


Teamleader is an integrated online tool that makes 3500+ European SMEs work smarter with their CRM and Project Management solutions.The CRM software is user-friendly, affordable, time-saving and tailored to profit your business. CRM’s should be easy to work with, and that message is clearly conveyed with this TeamLeader CRM’s overview video.

SAS Marketing Analytics Overview Video

Business challenges are not one-size-fits-all. Every industry has unique complexities. SAS provides expertise in these strategic focus areas to modernize your entire analytics environment. With Marketing Analytics making insightful data driven marketing decisions is easy even at an enterprise level. Their overview video introduces the idea of using analytics to drive more results out of marketing automation.

PALO ALTO Overview Video

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform protects our digital way of life by safely enabling applications and preventing known and unknown threats across the network, cloud and endpoints. The native integration of the platform delivers a prevention architecture providing superior security. Palo Alto’s overview video walks you through the threats faced by enterprises and how next-gen firewall technology can benefit.


TradeGecko’s online inventory management software allows you to seamless synchronize Shopify inventory with all other overview channels and accounting platforms at the click of a button. Shopify works with TradeGecko to empower merchants selling through e-commerce stores to automatically sync overview with stock levels, invoices and order fulfillment. TradeGecko’s overview video shows how TradeGecko is a beautifully designed cloud-based order and inventory management system.

eHFD’s Overview Video

State-of-the-art managed IT security solutions and world-class expertise are at the heart of eHDF’s Managed IT security Services offering. eHFD’s overview video shows how the platform can provide your organization all the protection IT needs with managed security.

ContentStudio Overview Video

ContentStudio gives you the ability to discover topic relevant content filtered by social shares, different media types and virality. Select posts individually from your topic feeds or set up an automation campaign with your own rules to publish content automatically to your selected channels. ContentStudio’s overview video shows how seamlessly the platform can make content curation push-button simple.

Boomset Overview Video

Boomset is an integrated event management platform that’ll stop your planning and coordination headaches. With its convenient app, you can sync your event management apps all under one platform. It provides all the critical information needed at your fingertips. It lets you manage the event live, right in the app, by connecting your staff and coordinate on the fly. Boomset’s overview video shows how the platform can enhance your event management experience.

Nokia Cloud Wise Overview Video

Nokia Network’s Cloud wise services provides future-proof telco cloud solutions and the freedom you need for successful implementation. They support secure integration of multi-vendor platforms and applications taking into account your current network, appropriate virtualization technologies. Nokia Cloud Wise’s overview video shows how their security services can help you on your journey to the cloud.

CM Transfer Overview Video

CM Transfer is the fastest mobile file transfer app. With a simple and smooth interface,CM makes sharing files easier than ever. It offers great speed while helping you transfer anything on your smartphone quickly and safely. CM Transfer’s overview video gives you a gist about how the app can let you seamlessly transfer mobile apps and files.

SAI Global’s ERM Overview Video

Enterprise Risk Manager empowers your organization to optimize the upside of risk, mitigate the downside, and seize opportunities that drive business growth. A Compliance 360-powered enterprise risk management strategy helps you manage the risk landscape and improve performance across your organization. SAI Global’s overview video shows how their ERM can help you take market intelligent risks.

Rumors Monitoring Overview Video

Rumors Monitoring is a real-time media intelligence service based on traditional media content which monitors, analyzes and makes predictions to improve individual’s or organization’s PR activity. Rumors Monitoring’s overview video shows how it can read and analyze large amount of data and provide real-time media monitoring.

MeetingPlay App Overview video

MeetingPlay is the industry’s first Event App built to increase attendee engagement. It has custom options to showcase your brand, proprietary algorithms that make each app experience for events attendees custom and personalized.It also live polling between your attendees and speakers, sponsor showcases, one on one messaging, social integration and much more. MeetingPlay app overview video showcases how MeetingPlay can solve your event engagement problems.

Cloud Manager Overview Video

Cloud Manager delivers a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) experience for both IT consumers and IT providers, with a focus on end-to-end business service delivery. It gives IT service providers, as well as business and technical users, a single product to build, manage, and consume cloud computing resources. Cloud Manager’s video addresses benefits of cloud and how cloud manager can help you achieve them.

Work 365 Overview Video

Work 365 is an easy-to-use IT service desk solution for managing Service Requests and Help Desks for any department in the organization. Work 365 Help gives a centralized access to manage requests, approve requests and assign them to the right agents, and also includes agent routing and ticket assignment. Work 365’s overview video shows how SharePoint app optimizes service desk performances and helps reduce cost and complexity.

EXACT Overview Video

Professional service provider aim to achieve growth in a responsible manner. To be in total control of the organisation. Optimal deployment of your consultants is therefore essential, as is real-time insight in your overview pipeline, work inventory and project results. EXACT’s overview video shows how invoicing and project delivery is connected in an intuitive dashboard to get things done faster.

ephiit Overview Video

ephiit’s comprehensive hHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) Compliance Solutions and IT support ensure an appropriate and reasonable solution is implemented to secure your entire practice. ephiit provides covered entities with a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, Comprehensive Security Solutions & HIPAA Compliance Trainings. Ephiit’s overview video gives a view of how it can eliminate the strain of HIPAA Compliance & IT security.

Vistaprint Overview Video

Vistaprint offers a WYSIWYG site builder desktop application for designing and building web sites. The website can be published directly from the desktop itself with all multimedia, images and video content.. Vistaprint’s overview video goes through the process of designing and publishing the website using Vistaprint.

Platform9 Overview Video

Platform9’s private cloud management Platform serves as a Single Pane of Glass Management Portal across different virtualization and container technologies such as KVM and Docker, across different geographies. Platform9’s unique SaaS approach means that you get your OpenStack private cloud operational within minutes. This overview video provides an insight into how Platform9’s Private Cloud Management Platform can seamlessly integrate with existing IT environment for easy use.

Now that we know what is the cost of a overview video, let’s look at what is included in the overview video production package.

  • Script : A great script based on your inputs and brief is the starting point. You can write your own rough script but your video team should be able to refine it into narrative and visuals effectively.
  • Voice over – Based on the audience for your video, you should look at receiving voice over samples. Select a suitable voice artist, you can provide instructions to customize vo delivery for the particular video
  • Style – The script needs to be visualized with what would be the theme, colors, match your branding if any. Look for variations in visual style to make your video unique
  • Storyboard – A simple yet powerful way of seeing how the video would flow, scene breakups etc.
  • Animation – The first draft of animation ties together voice over, storyboard and music effects. Suggest recommendations to make the video refined or look for elements that can be highlighted better.
  • Video release – Request for HD video in any format you need. Also available would be the raw files for future reference if needed, now it’s time to put the video into use.

Now as you know “What is the cost of a overview video”, here are few other factors to consider. Business understanding and messaging, video production methodology, ease of working, experienced video team are some of the factors that cannot be overlooked against $. Making a wise choice in $ spent vs. output is what Advids suggests.

We look forward to hear your thoughts on “How much is the cost of a overview video” article. Do read our upcoming article about How To Budget For Your Overview Video?

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